What does Incline App cost?
Incline App is completely free to use. You can download the iphone app at the app store here. Invite your friends and start tracking your times.

How does it work?
Incline App geo locates the top and bottom of the incline, so the start button under timer is not activated unless you are at the first step. The stop button is not activated until you are at the top of the incline. You may cancel your hike at any time, but would have to go back to the first step to start again. This keeps the times accurate and discourages cheating. : )

The start button does not seem to work?
The App uses GPS to locate the start of the incline. If you are not standing in this area, the start button will be turned off. As soon as GPS locates you, the start button will turn green and you are on your way! TIPS: Start the app as you are walking up to the Incline, this allows the GPS to warm up and find all the satellites to accurately find your location. Also double check that you have your Location Services turned on for the Incline App at Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Incline.

Will there be an Android version?
We are currently looking into an android version of the app, but do not have a release date. Please go ahead and sign up for an account and we will notify you if/when it’s ready. Or email us at hello@inclineapp.com and try to convince us to build one sooner.

How do I redeem my rewards?
To redeem rewards on your mobile device, login to your account at inclineapp.com and select the rewards tab. Here you can see the rewards you’ve unlocked and hikes needed to unlock other rewards. To redeem click redeem button and show the cashier or waiter for the discount.
To redeem rewards on the website, login to your account at inclineapp.com and select the rewards tab. Here you can see the rewards you’ve unlocked and hikes needed to unlock other rewards. To redeem click the print button on the reward or print all at once. Bring in your coupon to the business to redeem.

Where did my rewards go?
Each reward has an expiration date from the time you earned it. Rewards will replace itself with a new expiration based off the last time you earned it. Example: Lets say you earned a reward on April 1st for a free beer with an expiration of 30 days on it. If you hike the incline again the following week (April 8), and you did not redeem that reward within that week, then the reward would replace itself with a new expiration date 30 days after April 8th.

How to manually login with my username and password if I already setup my account with facebook?
Login to your account using facebook, click on the settings tab. Enter in your email address that is associated with your facebook account and a new password. Now you can access the website and app either through facebook or manually logging in with your email and password.

Is my information shared?
Incline App does not share, rent or sell any of your information. We do use general age, times, gender, and stats for marketing the App. Your times and information are viewable by anyone with an account.

How does following friends work?
The best way to find friends is to login to the website with facebook and invite them. Or search for friends in the Friends tab. To follow someone, just click the follow button in the app. On the website, click the “+” button to the right of the user’s time.

How do I remove a friend?
To remove a friend, click the green check mark to the right of the friends time to remove them.

What browsers do you support?
Incline App supports Internet Explorer 8 and up, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. We also support mobile safari for iPhone.

How can I advertise with you?
Advertising is easy and fun. We have lots of options that can be taylored to your business needs large or small. Shoot us an email at hello@inclineapp.com.